Monday, 2 November 2009

Andy Awesome

I stumbled across some work by artist Andy Awesome I really liked. Titled "Series Nº1", Andy Awesome has taken notable figures from pop culture and given them his own twist. He has taken characters from everywhere, TV, film, video games, comic books and music. They remind me of a modern version of the Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn Monroe.

I like the above collection as in four circles Andy Awesome encapsulates Japan as a nation, flag, sushi, Mount Fuji and Japanese Face. But what I like most about his work is the fact that it brings back memories, most likely you've found yourself at one point or another blowing into your Super Mario Bros Nintendo cartridges trying to get it to play.

All of Andy Awesome's artwork, t-shirts, wallpapers and more can be found at his website:

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