Friday, 6 November 2009


On Friday 23rd of October I was given was given my second of two briefs in Introductory Studies. This time we were given the task of designing a logotype for a profession and country that we pulled randomly out of a box. Our logo was to represent the activities of the profession and the identity of the country we were given. After picking the profession and country out of the boxes I had landed with Zimbabwean Inventor. My first thoughts were an interesting combination but also a hard one. I had several ideas about how I was going to represent the two, including going off on a slight tangent with a African word that didn't make much sense, until i decided on use the colours of the Zimbabwean flag, the Zimbabwean bird from the flag and light bulbs to represent the ideas of inventors. After experimenting with using these elements in different ways, such as the light bulb above the birds head or the light bulb inside the bird, I decided my favorite design was shaping the filament in the bulb into the Zimbabwean bird.

I also added the colours of the flag to the screw part of the bulb, as it was originally grey and seemed like a perfect way to back-up the idea of Zimbabwe.

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