Thursday, 12 November 2009

PolarClock : pixelbreaker

I have a slight obsession with time, well not technically time itself but what you use to tell the time. I have a large collection of watches and several different clocks ticking away in my room, and I like them all because they are so different but do the same thing. For example my Spiderman alarm clock deafens me in the morning with the sounds of "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can!!", but it couldn't be more different from the 'Time Pyramid' that sits on my desk and is constantly changing shape as it's alternating sections tell me the time in a whole different way.

But one of the clocks I like the most I use as my screen-saver, the PolarClock by pixelbreaker. It works in a similar way to a normal clock, it rotates clockwise in a circle with different sections marking the hour, minute and seconds as well as the date. But the reason I like it the most is because it's almost a beautiful piece of design in itself. It's so simple, clean and concise, it's similar enough to a regular clock but different enough to be eye catching. I think it wouldn't look out of place as a logo or other piece of design or even hung as a canvas on my wall, which I don't think is bad for something that in the end just tells me how late I am for Uni!

PolarClock by pixelbreaker is available free for Mac and PC from their website:

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