Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pixar Intro Parody

I like this video for two reasons, one it's a funny parody of the famous Pixar intro, and two it's a clever use of type. I like the fact different letters represent different jobs and people, for example P for police or the crying mother I.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Typographic Book Cover

On Tuesday 10th of November I was given the first of three briefs in Typographic Studies. The brief was to take a book we had read (or at least had an interest in) and to re-design the cover using only typography. I haven't really read much for a while and the only books I could remember were Dan Brown's Deception Point and Ben Mezrich's Bringing Down The House. I chose Bringing Down The House as it was one of the first books I read for enjoyment. Also I am interested in card-counting, gambling and casinos. After experimenting including burning letters into cards and scribbling code words into a 'cheat sheet'. I landed on recreating a blackjack table using typography, using a similar font to the font used to write rules on blackjack tables and a similar colour-scheme. I also used the shape of two playing cards placed one on top of the other and added a 'optical illusion' style type onto them.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

#A79F94: The Colour of Art!?!

Stumbling through the internet recently I found the colour of art, and it's grayish brown!! Well, the colour of art, according to designer Joshua Nimoy and the average colour from 26,000 images from the MoMA art collection.