Monday, 19 April 2010

Eyjafjallajökull, now say that 5 times really fast!

I have become fascinated by this crazy volcano that's been spewing it's guts since 21st of March. It's closed hundreds of airports and brought airline companies to their knees! Maybe it's a reminder to take care of the planet, like the earth is saying "don't mess with me, I don't f**k around!", yet it is such a beautiful thing. Mother nature in all it's frightening glory! Don't get me wrong it's annoying as hell, I know several people that are stranded and are going to miss some pretty important occasions due to the ash. But there's no-one to blame or get mad at and nothing nobody can do, except sit back, let it happen and remember don't forget Mother Nature will mess you up!

Showing the ash as it covers Europe.

Ash pouring out of the bottom of the island.

Ash visible at the top as it creeps towards Europe.

If you fancy following the news on the volcano try these site:
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Click images to make larger, credits go to these for the images:

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