Thursday, 15 April 2010

It's been a while, so here's some Art Nouveau

So it's been a pretty busy month or so, and I haven't had time (or been bothered, you decide??) to update this bad boy, sorry!! So I finished a looooong group project based around the idea of creating an exhibiton to be displayed at the London Design Museum around the art movement 'Art Nouveau'. This involved authoring and designing a book, creating a poster and promotional items. My areas of work within the team were writing the chapter on furniture, creating the design for the book jacket, as well as, mentioned in a previous post (found here), creating a stained glass cover. I found the project throughly enjoyable and interesting as I had never really worked in group in such a way before. My team was a great team to work with and feel we created some really good pieces of work. Check out some image below:
And Joe...

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