Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh dear Mister Brown...

So after hearing what lovely Mr Prime Minister Gordon Brown said to that lady, and the fact it links so well to my current Uni work, I felt compelled to create a poster about it. So here it is, kind of like an anti-election poster. Although I made this I'm not against Labour, I don't really know much about politics and I'm not inclined to any party. I only made it because I love the fact the Prime Minister was caught being a meanie!  The design is based off the poster, below, I created for Uni on Britishness and focuses on talking under your breath and not really meaning what you say. A proper blog about the whole Britishness project will follow some when. Make sure to click on them to see them in full detail.


  1. love this. you little genius you!

  2. great stuff man! glad it worked out in the end haha! how come on the g.brown one, the ' on the it's is flipped the other way round?